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Fir Coalition No-shave November Northern Fir

Northern Fir and Weathered Coalition are getting ready to kick testicular cancer in the balls this November, and we need your help. We've partnered with some classic Austin brands such as Finley's Barbershop, Austin Beerworks, 9-Banded Whiskey, Laurel Corrinne Studio, and Juiceland to bring you a no-shave November event like no other — the first annual Fir Coalition. Our mission is to bring together men of great facial hair endowment to promote testicular cancer awareness. Winners in two categories will each win over $2,000 in a selection of manly prizes donated from our generous sponsors. All proceeds from the event go directly to the local Austin charity, Livestrong.

Here's how it works. On November 1, you shave your face clean, post a picture of your clean-shaven face to Instagram #fircoalition (pictures of the shaving process are a bonus!), and then let your luxurious beard grow untrimmed throughout the entire month of November, continuing to document your progress with #fircoalition. Then, ask your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else in your network to help you kick testicular cancer in the balls by donating to your cause. A $10 donation is required to sign up, and the first 40 people to sign up will automatically receive a bottle of 9-Banded Whiskey.

To support your efforts, we'll be hosting four fun-packed events throughout the month of November, starting with a kickoff party at Weathered Coalition featuring straight-edge shaves from Finley's Barbershop, brews courtesy of Austin Beerworks, special edition whiskey cocktails from 9-Banded Whiskey, live music, free bites, and a special guest from Livestrong.

Winners will be selected in two categories: 1) the participant who raises the most money, and 2) the participant with the most total Instagram likes on any picture they post documenting their beard journey with the hashtag #fircoalition. Each will receive a prize package including a famous limited edition ATX hat designed by Weathered Coalition, Jack Rudy Cocktail bitters + jigger, and gift cards to some Austin staples like Laurel Corrinne Studio, Finley's Barbershop, and Juiceland. You don't have to live in Austin to compete, but if you are in Ausitn, we hope you come out to our local events!

To sign up for the Fir Coalition, and for more details of the event and a full list of sponsors, head to

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