Cook for Your Love on Valentine's Day with These Decadent Recipes

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Valentine’s Day is coming in hot, so turn on the oven because it’s time to get a little steamy in the kitchen. Our team at Northern Fir appreciates fine food (who doesn’t?), and we are gearing up to get inspired this Valentine’s Day to show our loved ones the true joy of a delicious meal. There’s nothing more intimate than bringing the love to your own kitchen and pouring your heart and soul (and some sugar) into a warm bowl of goodness for your S.O. It is deeply embedded within our DNA to love and be loved in connection to others, and cooking for someone we care about has noted psychological benefits for both ourselves and our loved ones.

Dinner is Served

Giving to others is fulfilling in more ways than one, and the good we feel from nurturing someone else with a hot meal goes back since even before the Aurignacian people of southern France steamed their food over hot embers wrapped in wet leaves. When we take the time to prepare a meal for someone we care about, we are building the foundation for a sense of trust, meaning, connection, and community, whether that is between family members or the person we have chosen to stand by our side.

Beard Cooking

Cooking together helps us bond and gives us a sense of purpose in the moment that can lead to longer-lasting closeness, and there’s no day like Valentine’s Day to use every excuse to get a little closer to that person who adds a little heat to your oven. Grab your aprons, spatulas, and all the seasonings, because after you have a look at the recipe ideas below, you may want to get cooking right away to get in some practice before the big day.

The following are our favorite (health-conscious) recipes to sizzle over with our loved ones:


  • Breakfast Power Bowl: black beans, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, basil, a dash of salt and pepper, onions, chives, spinach, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. *Our favorite way to make this breakfast is simply winging the measurements to fit however hungry (and creative) we are in the moment, but if you are looking for a calculable, easy-to-follow recipe for a bomb breakfast power bowl, then we recommend this one or something like this to get your day started right.

Poke Breakfast Bowl


    • Tomato Asiago Soup (especially savory for those cold, wintery days) Mmm, there are few things more comforting than a bowl of hot tomato soup on a cold day. Mix in the asiago, and you’ve just personally wished each one of your taste buds a Happy Valentine’s Day, making them very happy to keep helping you enjoy all the good foods.

      • Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Galette Looks and tastes like the cutest handcrafted pizza ever, but is keto-friendly and will make you question why you ever ordered the $5 medium pizza deal delivery in the first place. Impress your S.O. with this crunchy, but oh-so-delicious descendant from the classic galette.
      • Crispy Pork Salad There is no shortage of flavor in this salad, and veggie lover or not, you will undoubtedly hold the same opinion after you try out this dish.


          • Lobster Colorado Go ahead and show off your skills with this romantic dinner for two. It’s pretty simple to make but will potentially get you a spot on Top Chef if you play your cards right. Pour a couple glasses of Chardonnay, and mentally prepare yourself for complete submission to the good food gods.


              We hope you have found some creative inspiration that will get you in the kitchen cooking for the one that makes you feel fuzzy inside. Meals are always better when made together, so divy up the tasks and make the preparation phase an experience in itself. Pour the wine, pop the champagne, or open a cold brew and have some fun. 

              And, hey, if you’re single, we haven’t forgotten about you! Self love is important too, so treat yourself to a nice meal backdropped by your favorite playlist and forget about the over-marketed holiday that others are spending too much money on. Take advantage of the freedom you have to dance in your underwear, sing in the shower, and watch whatever ridiculously cheesy movie you want on February 14 (and every day).

              To all the couples and singles alike, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to fill your belly and heart alike with love, and there’s no better way to do that than with all the cravings in the kitchen.

              Let us know what your favorite recipe ideas are, and if you try any of these out, be sure to leave us a note about your experience!

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