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Quality Beard Oil

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  • Light scented, fresh, woodsy scent
  • Safe, all-natural & plant-based
  • No more beardruff 
  • Little goes a long way 
  • Made in small batches in the USA

Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil is a blend of 9 premium plant-based oils, each carefully selected for its unique contribution to your beard's health and vitality. Each of the 8 steps of production is carried out purposefully and with care to ensure the highest quality standards are met in every single bottle. The complex, fresh, woodsy scent — with notes of cedar wood, black pepper, and juniper berry — was inspired by hiking in the crisp evergreen forests of the Appalachian Mountains. Made in small batches with pride in Austin, TX.

Ingredients: unrefined jojoba and argan oils, grapeseed oil, essential oil blend including cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper berry, and black pepper.

The Absolute Best Self-Care For The Beard In Your Life.

  • Our Beard Oil is engineered by a chemist, and thoughtfully crafted, carefully sourced with proven results to help your beard smell, look and feel it’s absolute best.

  • We use 100% unrefined and cold-pressed oils, which means your skin and hair receive the full benefit of each oil and not the stripped down quality like most other beard care products on the market.
    "Highest quality beard oil!" - Fannie G.

  • We added Black Pepper Oil to activate blood flow and promote hair growth. We put Cedar Wood Oil to act as a natural stringent to clean out your pores to help prevent in-grown hairs and folliculitis. We even included Sandalwood Oil to soothe and calm any irritated or itchy skin.
    "Genuinely moisturizing to the beard. Helps redness and flakiness in a way no other oil had for me." - Benjamin J.

  • Unlike most oils out there that leave your skin and hair feeling greasy, we engineered the consistency of our products to be much like sebum, the oil your skin naturally produces. So no more greasy “what do I do with my hands now“ moments.
    "Just a little goes a long way and still feels natural." - Alan

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Northern Fir will happily accept returns of full priced merchandise that is in the original condition in which it was received for up to 14 days after it is received.

Customer Reviews

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Feel Better, Look Better

The scent is by far the best I’ve experienced. Not too strong and lasts all day. When I first met my wife, I was wearing this oil - and she would ALWAYS tell me how good it smelled on my beard. Definitely didn’t hurt my chances.

The consistency is perfect for everyday wear, it feels NATURAL - many oils I’ve tried feel greasy and heavy, like you are wearing petroleum jelly. This oil genuinely feels good to wear, you feel better.

The ingredients are top notch, you can tell that right away. High quality essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. The oil doubles as a great moisturizer for the top of the head as well!

Great product

Great product

Smells Great and Makes Hair Soft

Smells like I just rolled around in a pile of fresh pine needles in the middle of a pine forest and does a decent job of softening my prickly face hairs.

Highest quality beard oil!

My fiancé is very picky about his beard oil ingredients, from the quality of the oils to the EO fragrances. Northern Fir is the only brand that measures up to his high standards, so of course I keep him supplied. And in return, I get a soft beard to snuggle up to. ❤️️


Ordered this for my boyfriend and absolutely love kissing his fresh face <3