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 When we first started Northern Fir, there were two pillars that we knew would always be non-negotiables for the brand. Those pillars are always taking a scientific approach to developing our grooming products and ensuring they’re carefully sourced and thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Our goal is to understand the qualities and practices that go into making high quality, effective beard care products, and bring them to everything we make at Northern Fir. 

In addition to creating high-quality products, it was equally important for us to use 100% all-natural ingredients in each and every one of our products. We carefully source all of our raw ingredients from suppliers who are sustainable, transparent, and who believe in responsible agricultural practices. We believe that natural ingredients aren’t just the sustainable choice, but that they actually outperform a lot of other traditional beard care products made with synthetic ingredients. In our world, ingredient quality and transparency are everything, so we thought it was time to do a deeper dive on the ingredients that make our products so great. 


Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil 

Our beard oil is our flagship product for a reason: It’s packed with clean, nourishing ingredients that not only groom and maintain your beard, but promote healthier hair and restore a natural shine and softness to your beard. 

We use a blend of organic Argan, Jojoba, and other plant-based oils to soothe skin as your beard hair grows out. Both Argan and Jojoba are known to be incredibly conditioning and hydrating for hair and skin, and they even do a great job of delivering moisture below the skin’s surface. Our blend of 9 essential oils adds a natural shine to your beard, and promotes hair growth over time. Vitamin E rounds out the formula and is packed with antioxidants that protect us against free radicals and environmental stressors. Because this blend of oils is so gentle and nourishing by nature, our beard oil can also be used as a shave oil for a smoother, easier shave and as an aftershave oil to condition and protect skin. 

Our proprietary blend of essential oils include Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Juniper Berry to create a woodsy scent that’s lightweight and never overwhelming. We didn’t choose these oils simply because they smell great -- we thoughtfully crafted our self-care solutions. Black Pepper Oil activates blood flow which actually helps to promote hair growth. Cedarwood Oil acts as a natural stringent by cleaning out your pores and helping to prevent ingrown hairs. Sandalwood calms any irritation that could caused by dry skin. Juniper Berry helps to deodorize and clean your beard. Overall, it’s a carefully-sourced and thoughtfully-crafted beard oil that’s been engineered by a chemist to deliver proven results to your beard and skin. It’s made free of fillers, additives, GMO’s, and parabens, and our clean ingredients mean you don’t have to worry about any skin or beard irritation. 

Quality Beard Balm 

Like our Quality Beard Oil, our Beard Balm is packed with good-for-you ingredients that nourish and restore beard vitality. We wanted to create a beard balm that didn’t feel sticky or greasy, so we crafted a formula of shea and cocoa butters, pure beeswax, cold-pressed argan and jojoba oils, and a blend of six other botanicals to create our Beard Balm. While shea and cocoa butters are extremely moisturizing, they also condition the individual hairs of your beard, helping them to strengthen and grow softer and smoother over time. 

Our Argan and Jojoba Oils are unrefined and cold-pressed so that your skin and beard experience all of their nutrients and hydrating benefits. Argan oil has been a gamechanger in the hair (and beard) world for a long time now because of its ability to reduce hair breakage and split ends. We use Jojoba oil in our Beard Balm because it fights against beard dryness or beardruff and helps to promote hair growth and thickness. Using these oils is key, too, because it helps create a flexibility within the balm, making it easier to distribute onto your beard. A similar selection of essential oils–– Black Pepper, Juniper Berry, and Cedarwood––are included in our Beard Balm to promote hair growth, to act as a natural stringent to clean out pores, and to soothe and calm unpredictable skin. 

Maple & Walnut Pocket Comb 

Our dedication to responsible production and sourcing practices doesn’t just stop at our ingredients alone. Our Maple & Walnut pocket comb and keychain comb are both crafted by hand using American Walnut and Maple woods. Each one is carefully cut and sanded by hand just outside of Austin, Texas, and features uniquely sized tines that are ideal for combing wiry beard hair and shorter hairstyles. While our beard care products work hard to nourish and strengthen beards, our combs go the extra mile in making sure our products are evenly distributed throughout your beard and onto your skin so that you’re really getting the most out of our oils and balms. 

Got more questions about our ingredients? Wondering whether your beard would benefit more from an oil or a balm? Shoot us a dm at @northernfirbeard or mail us at

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