Professionally Polished: Turning Heads In the Workplace

| Posted by Arlo Bush

At Northern Fir, we are strong believers in a methodology to meeting someone for the first time, especially in the workplace. First impressions are the roar behind the lion, the sweet sauce, the ultimate way to leave someone wondering who they just met. Turning heads for the first time in the workplace doesn’t have to mean you have just left the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Your intentionality behind your look is a great opportunity to turn heads the right way. It can be daunting to meet someone for the first time, but with a balanced mixture of humility and confidence, your initial impression can go a long way.  

When you take the time to craft your identity, from your clothes to your beard, you are intentionally illustrating your own self portrait to the rest of the world. This identity is what sticks, and it’s to your advantage to put thought, effort, and time into making it the most authentic it can be. The meaning of how you look goes beyond the surface and often tells the story of your core beliefs, priorities, and lifestyle. Tailoring your style to meet your mindset is an art form, and it takes a certain confidence to do this without hesitation.

The small details are the meat of your identity. Boldness is attractive at times, but a subtle suite of knowing techniques to keep yourself looking fresh is the main entree. It takes time to design a style, both inside and out, that gives the message you want to send. Starting with a few simple ideas can help you launch a new look that says everything you need without saying a word.

Three of our favorite ways to impress are:

  1. Carefully craft the beard and haircut to compliment each other. Buzzed and bearded are what’s happening right now. Yea, it’s a little drafty, but this gives you a solid reason to wear that tattered hat your grandpa left behind from his days on the trail. Grooming with essential balms and oils will keep you smelling and looking super fresh.
  2. Find the right cut for your clothes. Go get your measurements. If you’re above the age of 25 and you haven’t already done this, we don’t have a clue why. Knowing your size and body type will give you the tools you need to find the clothes that turn heads.
  3. Keep a puppy with you at all times, seriously. Dogs take the pressure off of you from having to always initiate a conversation. People love dogs and tend to gravitate toward them, and this, my friend, is your secret ingredient looking extra approachable.


The last one is an obvious proper attractive milestone in your dating life, and if you don’t already have a dog, maybe borrow one for the day and see what happens. If your workplace doesn’t allow dogs, go ahead and put in some effort to getting a photo of you and a dog in a canoe and placing it as your profile photo and desktop background. It will work, trust us. Your nonverbals, actions, and way towards others show those around you more about your true self than your appearance.  


Above all else though, focusing on your career first and foremost will not only help you when it comes time to get a promotion, it will also show others you are professionally polished, mature, and primally unavoidable to think about.


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