Rewind and Unwind With These Four Mindful Tricks

| Posted by Arlo Bush

It’s Friday, and if you are reading this on any other day, just imagine it’s Friday because we could all use more of those. Weekends are the perfect (and sometimes the only) time to rewind and unwind after a week of putting in quality and hard work. At Northern Fir, we are strong believers in self care, and a large part of that means taking a little time to unwind. A glass of Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack goes a long way, but we’re here to focus on the intentional, mindful tricks that will keep you looking and feeling great while getting some time to yourself.


Take 20 minutes to meditate and focus on your breath. Give yourself a few moments of peace by meditating. With enough focus, you can meditate practically anywhere. Zoning in on your own breaths will help dissolve thoughts of everything else around you. Breathe deeply (taking equal breaths in as you do out), fully, and place your hands at your sides to avoid subconsciously fidgeting.

Go for a walk or run by yourself. Let out some energy by moving. Plug in your earbuds and get some fresh air. If you work in an office or are sitting all day, letting out that pent up energy will go a long way in helping you to relax at night. Exercise clears the clutter of your mind and releases endorphins, boosting your mood and giving you clarity about the now. 


Check out an ASMR episode and close your eyes after you hit play. Riding the subway home or have a house full of family? Research ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) episodes that fit your style and drift away as you get lost in the white noise. This method to relax when you are in a crowded or busy space is perfect to lose all the loud. TuneIn did the hard work for you and already gathered up some of the top relaxing sounds to unwind your mind and your beard.

Candidly write in a journal about your day or current thoughts. Writing is therapeutic - or rather, it can be if you get used to it and are consistent. Letting your thoughts pour onto a page is a great way to relieve your mind of them. Your hand may ache afterward since most of our writing is done on a keyboard or screen now, but once you get used to it, you may find that writing is your new secret weapon to stay sane. Check out this beauty from Rustico.

Level your mind and beard, and start the weekend off right. You can design whatever type of free time you want, so start it off properly with time to rewind and unwind before you celebrate the end of this long week. Cheers!


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