Quality Beard Balm & Keychain Comb Kit

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  • Great for travel
  • Safe, all-natural & plant-based
  • Convenient screw top tin 
  • Top of the line quality

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This kit is great for men who are on the go. Our all-natural handmade beard balm travels well, and you can't beat the portability offered by our hand sawn maple and walnut keychain comb.


Jojoba and ArganMoisturize hair and skin

Black PepperPromotes hair growth

CedarwoodActs as a natural deodorizer

SandalwoodMinimizes beardruff

Juniper BerryReduces ingrown hairs

Read more about our ingredients here.

Read more about the benefits of jojoba oil here.

You have the choice to choose self-care.

We are a self-care brand whose heart is focused on giving you the tools you need to take care of yourself. At Northern Fir, we believe the process of self-care leads to a deeper sense of purpose.

So whether that’s caring for your skin and hair with our beard-care products or traveling and getting outside, we encourage you to lean in that direction.

Love yourself, love your beard.

"Best beard oil I've found." - KB

  • Our Beard Oil is engineered by a chemist, and thoughtfully crafted, carefully sourced with proven results to help your beard smell, look and feel it’s absolute best.

  • We use 100% unrefined and cold-pressed oils, which means your skin and hair receive the full benefit of each oil and not the stripped down quality like most other beard care products on the market.
    "Highest quality beard oil!" - Fannie G.

  • We added Black Pepper Oil to activate blood flow and promote hair growth. We put Cedar Wood Oil to act as a natural stringent to clean out your pores to help prevent in-grown hairs and folliculitis. We even included Sandalwood Oil to soothe and calm any irritated or itchy skin.
    "Genuinely moisturizing to the beard. Helps redness and flakiness in a way no other oil had for me." - Benjamin J.

  • Unlike most oils out there that leave your skin and hair feeling greasy, we engineered the consistency of our products to be much like sebum, the oil your skin naturally produces. So no more greasy “what do I do with my hands now“ moments.
    "Just a little goes a long way and still feels natural." - Alan

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. Read more about our return policy here.

Customer Reviews

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Rodger A.
great product

i really like this balm. the scent is powerful, but not like cologne (the juniper and black pepper set this off!). after using this balm exclusively for the last week i can absolutely tell the difference in benefits in comparison to the other balm i regularly use. so this serves a purpose beyond just the scent for me. it's provides an entirely different look and feel to my beard. very soft and manageable and non-greasy. you don't even have to use a lot of this to get a good distribution, so this 2 oz. tin pays for itself and then some. the baby comb that comes with this is perfect for unruly sideburns if you're rockin' such a thing, or would be best for a shorter medium beard. i would not expect it to deal with a fuller, bushy beard, however. that's not a knock on the product. the comb is well made and the finish is nice and smooth. it's definitely one of the nicer wooden combs i've come across. last, and certainly not least, the owner is super nice and helpful (even recommended a local barber to me). i look forward to replacing this tin when it's empty and i look forward to any other products this company produces. thank you!